Marathon Financial Advisors 2018 Events

Tackling Topics to Gain Financial Understanding

Like many of you, Marathon Financial Advisors is taking a look back to reflect on some of the ways we served our clients in 2017.

One of the more successful endeavors last year was offering the educational seminar “2Young2Retire” with Leslie Rose McDonald, an event designed to shed light on a subject of interest to our clients and others as they make financial plans for their future.

Leslie shared about the changing ways we think about and plan for retirement today, how employers have shifted in their perceptions of the older employee, and what we can expect in the future regarding working opportunities for retired persons. More than 50 individuals attended the event held at the new Jamesville Dewitt Community Library last August. 

The attendance was encouraging, and the conversation surrounding retirement stimulated great questions and discussion.

You can expect more of these kinds of events in 2018, as we have planned five new events on hot topics often asked about by our clients. We are pleased to present these educational events that also serve the greater community around us.

Take a look at what’s coming up in 2018:

  • March 7– Social Security Savvy: What You Need to Know to Maximize Your Retirement, with Peter Buckley from AIG.
  • September 24– Gifting/Legacy Planning Seminar  with Tom Griffith, CNY Community Foundation
  • October 17 – Medicare Seminar, Marathon’s own Jon Selzer, Marathon Financial Advisors
  • November 5 – Estate Planning Seminar with Sandra Karas, Karas Law Office and Marathon Financial Advisors

We are thrilled to be expanding our event schedule, and sincerely hope you can join us this year as we seek to answer some very difficult questions on topics of the utmost of importance in your financial planning.

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