Social Security Savvy

What to Know to Help Maximize Your Retirement Income

Retirement looks very different today than it once did.

As the typical human lifespan has extended well into 80 years and beyond, thinking about how to maximize retirement benefits is more important than ever. Social security benefits have been a primary element in investment planning of most Americans for nearly a century, but the landscape of how and when it is best to collect those benefits is anything but the same.

There are many retirement scenarios and as many questions regarding when to apply, how to apply, what documents need to be provided and what needs to be done after your Social Security Benefits begin.

Marathon Financial Advisors is passionate about the financial well-being of our clients and community. This year we’re putting resources behind that passion by offering educational seminars on lifestyle, investment and security topics to help people plan better for their futures.

In March, Marathon Financial Advisors presents “Social Security Savvy, What to Know to Help Maximize Your Retirement Income”, led by AIG Regional Vice President, Peter Buckley, CRPC.  Buckley is a certified retirement planning counselor in Central New York working with current and future retirees on a daily basis.

Whether you are retiring soon or just want to understand options for your future, this seminar will provide opportunities to learn about retirement, tools for deciding when to start receiving social security benefits, strategies for maximizing retirement income, information about Medicare, and more.

This event will be held on March 7th at 7pm at the DeWitt Community Room in East Syracuse.

Please RSVP by calling 315-446-5797. We encourage you to come with any and ALL questions you may have about this important subject.