Best practices for stock market declines


With recent stock market declines, it’s easy to feel a sense of fear surrounding long-term investment strategies. American Funds has provided this helpful Keys for Market Declines PDF Document with 5 tips to help avoid common missteps and stay on track:

  1. Declines have been common and temporary: Declines are going to happen, but they will likely be temporary.
  2. Proper perspective can help you remain calm: Look at the larger picture, not the small details. Stocks will reward investors over time.
  3. Don’t try to time the market: Leaving the market to reduce your loss might mean losing out on gains.
  4. Don’t let emotions cloud your judgement: Stay focused on long-term goals and consider options
  5. Use an investment manager with long-term track records: Talk to us to get advice on the best way to have your investments managed

If you have any questions about stock market declines, call us today!