$175,000+ Over 20 years – Simply Awesome!

The weather was 43°, pounding rain, wind, sleet, dark skies and cold.  In spite of the weather the energy never failed to inspire our Team to set out on the 1 mile and 5K runs.

We raised nearly $11,000, reaching the Top Corporate Team fundraiser mark.

The Team helped to set a new tone in the battle against breast cancer.  With nearly 150 individual donors the members of the Team worked hard to have an impact on the lives of others.

I am proud of each Team member and each donor.  Only together will we be able to change things.  It is inspiring to be associated with you and your generosity. We have become the Cure.  We are the handprints on the backs of those who are facing this disease.  We are on the journey with them.

Thank you for the honor of serving as your Team Captain.


Jon Selzer

Stats – Race for the Cure 2018

For the 20 years of participation, raised over $175,000


As of 5/21/2018:

Total raised $10,042.92

  • #1 Top Corporate Team
  • #2 Among all teams

Team Facts:

  • Leslie Knott – Team Member and Survivor – #4 among all participants in money raised – $2,973.60
  • 26 Team MembersOver 130 Individual Donors

Top $ Raisers, raising $600+:

  • Linda Tousey Kraemer
  • Sally Cutler
  • Daryll Wheeler

Top Business Donors:

  • Learn As You Grow
  • Fayetteville Hair Design
  • Custom Inventories
  • Actuarial Pension Analysts
  • Syracuse Massage Therapy

Photos from the Event: