It is hard to image that in just 29 trading days between February 12 and March 23 the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped from a high of 29,551 to a startling 18,591. And yet it has rebounded to over 23,883 as of this writing. In that short time a little known virus, COVID-19 had become a household word, closings of businesses & schools became a new normal, and the wearing of masks as well as social distancing and staying at home became expected.  As we sat at home reading daily briefings, we became confused with contrary data, uncertain of the Government’s response and the magnitude of what we were facing. Daily diagnosis and death rates became a primary talking-point.  Tens of millions became quickly unemployed and uncertainty became a looming reality.

We do know that what started as a medical crisis has become an economic crisis. These are both unprecedented and overwhelming times. What we can state clearly is that our Team at Marathon Financial Advisors is working very diligently to assure that your portfolios and investments are being carefully managed, considering all of the many variables and data to keep focused on your long term goals and risk profiles. Although some of the Team is working remotely, we are fully staffed and vigorously working to guide your financial plans down the pathways of which we have spoken.

There will be more challenging times ahead.  Many more will suffer from COVID-19. We know that many will remain concerned, maybe even scared, about their portfolios. Please feel our concern and commitment to you. Let us guide you now more than ever through this experience.

We are so proud of the medical providers, the first responders, teachers and grocery employees (among the few).  The Arts communities have been shut down. We miss the softness that they can provide society. Many will be hungry, loose health insurance and suffer dearly during this period.  But, we will get through this time!  We will create a new normal, post COVID-19. Together we can collectively help others, celebrate the contributions so many are making by putting themselves in direct harms-way to help society and find our voices in preparation of tomorrow.

The whole Team at Marathon Financial Advisors is deeply committed to being with you on this journey. We wish you well.  Stay safe and contact us anytime so we continue to serve as your trusted advisers.