On this 244 Birthday of America, we should reflect on our core values. Being grateful is one of those values. We will always be grateful for our service people who make a strong commitment to fighting for our country’s freedom every day.  But, today, in the midst of this pandemic, there are so many more heroes to add to the list.  We are grateful for the Medical and First Responder communities who put themselves in harm’s way, every day to make us all safer. For the delivery people, the postal carriers, the truck drivers, grocery employees that help manage our daily needs, we say thank you. For the Pharmacists, the Educators, hair salons, restaurant workers and so many others we are grateful that you are in our community.

For those who have lost their jobs or their health insurance and are faced with economic uncertainty, we are with you. For all of the arts community, we wish you well and may you return to fill our ‘souls’ though your performances. For those affected by COVID-19, we are sorry and hope that we can help you, somehow.

There is no better time to volunteer, safely to help others. So many are being challenged today. If you can support the food banks, call a friend, see if a neighbor needs something, act now.  If you can help small businesses as we try to return to normalcy, please do so.  There is no room for politics, just reason and humane behavior.

We are optimistic by the innovations that we have seen in the past few months, the creativity and the highest levels of compassion. We all want to return to a day where we don’t count the people diagnosed with this awful virus.  And, we will be successful though collaboration, cooperation and civility.

Happy Birthday America! You have always held greatness within you.