It is difficult looking back on 2020 without feeling a sense of being both overwhelmed and somewhat unsettled.  It was a difficult year filled with the uncertainties of COVID-19 and a vaccine.  The fears that we felt, the lack of clarity and the stresses emerging with regard to economic instability, each provided a sense of normlessness. Moreover, we cannot forget the masks and social isolation that interrupted our ordinary routines and lives.

Some of us experienced the joyous events of weddings and births, while others added a new four-legged to the family.  [Due to travel restrictions/cancellations our daughter, her husband and two children lived with us for 6 ½ weeks. This was truly priceless time together, and unlikely to repeat itself.] Their richness filled our hearts and provided us with a pathway to move forward. New jobs, new homes and graduations also offered a sense of order and happiness. Growing numbers of COVID cases, divided politics and closing parts of our economy, caused us to seek balance through all of this.

Hope became the core value for envisioning our future. We felt comfort in our investment returns, after the great recovery from the 1st quarter of 2020. Our plans were working and we felt that it was indeed possible to endure the challenges that we each experienced.

A week ago, I was privileged to listen to our country’s first youth poet laureate, Amanda Gorman, as she read aloud her most recent work, “The Hill We Climb”. This 22 year old, Harvard graduate has understood the hope of young people, sees the opportunity for each of us, as well as the clear sense that we, through our diversity and inclusion, are capable of greatness. Simply put, she inspired me.

Hopefully, the financial plans that we have helped you to build will continue to effectively address your needs.  We work diligently to make certain that we serve as good shepherds of your financial matters, helping you to achieve a life-long sense of economic well-being.

We remain hopeful for 2021. The re-opening and re-building of our economy will not be easy. However, such efforts reflect our tenacity and our belief that we can set aside our differences and work toward meeting the needs of our Nation’s people.  Vaccine distributions are improving and stimulus resources are arriving to help and support those most deeply affected by the economic down turn.

It is a new day. May we have the wisdom to be courageous enough to create a sustaining world for generations to come.