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MEDICARE Plans – Unique features

It would be easier if all Medicare Plans were exactly the same. The core of which, i.e., Original Medicare is the same. The differences come in the Medicare Advantage Plans that have become increasingly popular over the last 18 years. The origins of Medicare Advantage (also known as Medicare Part C) go back to the 1970s. At that time, beneficiaries could receive managed care through private insurance companies. In 1997 the program, then called “Medicare Choice,” became official with the passing

The significance of May 29th (or 5/29)

At this time of the Year, we are yearning for Spring, a new beginning. A variety of buds poke through the ground and remind us that there soon will be blossoms. By the time you read this, daffodils, crocus and tulips will, in all likelihood, have come and gone. The past year has helped to re-prioritize so many aspects of our lives. We have learned to ‘mask-up’, socially distance and schedule our times to be vaccinated. And now, with hope, a

Wow, was 2020 a challenge!

It is difficult looking back on 2020 without feeling a sense of being both overwhelmed and somewhat unsettled.  It was a difficult year filled with the uncertainties of COVID-19 and a vaccine.  The fears that we felt, the lack of clarity and the stresses emerging with regard to economic instability, each provided a sense of normlessness. Moreover, we cannot forget the masks and social isolation that interrupted our ordinary routines and lives. Some of us experienced the joyous events of weddings

Looking Back and Looking Forward

As we approach the end of the year, it is a time when many reflect over the past 12 months and plan for the next. Hopefully, most of you navigated safely through the pandemic and there appears to be some hopeful developments with regards to vaccines. It is a time when we transition away from the colorful leaves and begin to nestle down to lower temperatures and shorter days, when we lay the groundwork for a new year. We should remember

A Wonderful Time of Year

In the past few days I have noticed the leaves turning colors, Autumn flowers showing their blossoms, days becoming slightly shorter and a crispness beginning to capture the air. I have always found these things rather beautiful. In this particular year, with COVID-19, I feel that many have become more sensitive to the splendors of this time. The silver lings for some have been extended shared time with families, cleaner closets, magnificent gardens and learning to bake bread with limited supplies

Happy Birthday America!

On this 244 Birthday of America, we should reflect on our core values. Being grateful is one of those values. We will always be grateful for our service people who make a strong commitment to fighting for our country’s freedom every day.  But, today, in the midst of this pandemic, there are so many more heroes to add to the list.  We are grateful for the Medical and First Responder communities who put themselves in harm’s way, every day to

It is Hard to Imagine

It is hard to image that in just 29 trading days between February 12 and March 23 the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped from a high of 29,551 to a startling 18,591. And yet it has rebounded to over 23,883 as of this writing. In that short time a little known virus, COVID-19 had become a household word, closings of businesses & schools became a new normal, and the wearing of masks as well as social distancing and staying at

Medicare: Do you understand it?

Many of the things we educate clients about at Marathon Financial Services move a little beyond strict “financial” subjects. Medicare is a common concern among clients, and we offer many resources for those seeking understanding. The following are some basic details about Medicare, and you’re invited to call us with any questions.   The history… Medicare began in 1965 as an attempt to provide people over the age of 65 with basic health care coverage in retirement. Most people lost coverage from their

Why am I thinking about Swiss Cheese, Donut Holes and Medicare?

Why am I am thinking about Swiss cheese, donut holes and Medicare?   Did you ever notice that at certain ages you were oblivious to how old you are? Then you wake up and someone ‘welcomed’ you to Middle Age. Then suddenly, your friends are talking about Social Security and Medicare at the most recent dinner parties you attended? That’s what age I am – maybe you’re the same way. If so, it’s time to start thinking about things like social security and

Health Insurance in the Summer

Health insurance isn’t a topic that’s approached during the summer months. With all the traveling and busyness of the season, we tend to put the consideration of health insurance plans off until Open Enrollment in November. However, summer is a perfect time to begin the process of examining your health insurance needs and doing your due-diligence in finding the best suited health plan for you and your family. This topic is one we often help our clients navigate. Here are