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Share Your Plans!

In my opinion, there is nothing more difficult to accomplish during a time of intense stress than trying to put finances in order.  The stress that I’m referring to in this instance is the death or disability of a loved one.  Perhaps you’re a spouse who has lost a partner, a child who has lost a parent, or a dear friend trying to pick up the pieces of a life. Over the years, we all tend to accumulate things –  financial assets, property such as our home, vehicles, jewelry

Team Marathon for the Cure – a Postscript

$191,000+ Over 21 years – Simply Awesome! The weather was picture perfect, sunny blue sky and 65 degrees. The warmth of the sun added to the warmth of the energy from so many participants. With our Team, Marathon for the Cure, of 26 people there was no question that it was a day filled with emotions and success. With a list of names on the backs of our Team Members, walking in honor or in memory of a loved one, we found the inspiration

What Would It Take To Become Financially Fearless?

I was talking to a friend yesterday and we somehow arrived on the subject of how many of us, women especially, suffer anxiety over our finances. This can happen whether we are financially sound (earning a good salary, meeting our financial obligations, have money in the bank), or if we are in a tenuous financial situation (whether it be death of a spouse or partner, divorce, job changes, etc.). At this very moment I have several clients who are working well

The pitfalls of handling your own financial matters: The Importance of Working With your Financial Advisor

We are now in the heart of tax season, and many of us have our taxes prepared by a Tax Accountant or CPA. In the same way we hire a plumber if we need a pipe unclogged, an attorney to write our wills and prepare other legal documents, an electrician for electrical work, and a mechanic to work on our cars. However, many balk at the idea of hiring a Financial Advisor to assist with investment planning or future money

Medicare: Complicated or Complex?

As Autumn arrives, we start to see a lot of attention being given to two things: political campaigns and Medicare Insurance. I won’t even try to address the former in this blog. (As an aside: My hope is that those who are able, will go to the polls on Election day and vote for the candidates of their choice. Participation does matter.) As for the latter, I often hear from clients: “Why does Medicare need to be so complicated?” While

Social Security Savvy

Social Security Savvy What to Know to Help Maximize Your Retirement Income Retirement looks very different today than it once did. As the typical human lifespan has extended well into 80 years and beyond, thinking about how to maximize retirement benefits is more important than ever. Social security benefits have been a primary element in investment planning of most Americans for nearly a century, but the landscape of how and when it is best to collect those benefits is anything but the same. There

Early Retirees Need New Strategies for Re-Employment

Many, if not most, of our clients are people planning ahead for their retirement years. Yet, retirement in the 21st century is a very different creature than what was traditionally thought of. Most retirees are people still healthy and active, able to contribute and participate in meaningful activities, as an employee, volunteer, or just for fun.   Marathon Financial Advisors is pleased to sponsor Leslie Rose McDonald, seasoned career transition coach and owner of Pathfinders CTS in Liverpool, NY, who will provide

Back to Basics: Insurance for Every Need

Recently, I was dramatically reminded of the need for a conversation about insurance planning as a part of any discussion of financial planning and goals. We often think of planning for a secure retirement as being all about what we have saved in our 401(k), other retirement plans and investment accounts.  We take great care in crafting a suitable portfolio and allocation to fit an individual or family’s risk tolerance and time horizon.  We carefully monitor the investments, with money managers

New Team Member

Marathon Financial Advisors is pleased to welcome Kathy Sands -Kaffenberger, CLTC, CHFC®, to the team in the role of financial consultant. Sands-Kaffenberger joins Marathon with over 30 years of experience in financial planning, working with business owners, individuals and their families to prepare them for their current and future needs of life. “I believe that relationships, especially in the area of finance, are built on trust over long periods of time ,” said Sands-Kaffenberger, a long time volunteer with the Boy

I Should Have Known!

I met with a wonderful group last week, to talk about Investment Basics.  This group was a mix of people of all ages, from different backgrounds and varying professions.  Every single person in this group appeared to be confident and competent. We had a lively discussion, and there were many relevant questions asked that were interesting to the group members. However, at one point one of the women remarked “I feel so stupid about finances and investing.  I just feel as though