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Financial Aid Tips & Strategies

June 08, 2022

 The 2022-2023 academic year is quickly approaching. Do you have the legal documents in place to help support your child? This blog is a collection of important tips from Frontier Wealth Management on which documents to have and why.

Below are the top three documents to have handy for your student from Frontier Wealth Management and

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  • A HIPAA Release Form — This document will allow healthcare providers to share information about your son’s or daughter’s health condition with you.
  • A Medical Power of Attorney or Healthcare Proxy — This document will give you the legal authority to make critical healthcare decisions for your son or daughter if he or she is incapacitated and unable to make them for himself or herself.
  • A Durable Power of Attorney — This document will give you the authority to make financial decisions on behalf of your child if they are unable, and access to their financial accounts.

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