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4 Steps to Protect Your
Family’s Financial Future

Tuesday • April 30, 2019 • 7pm • Dewitt Community Room  (148 Sanders Creek Pkwy, East Syracuse)
Estates encompass all assets one owns – homes, cars, financial portfolios, etc. and it’s important to be planning for the outcome of your estate in case of incapacitation or death. Estate planning is a map of your finances for your family to follow should you become unable to manage them yourself. These plans preserve your assets and provide for loved ones, and without a plan, control is relinquished to the state. Many times, families will have to settle estates when emotions are heightened and when a plan isn’t present, wishes for the estate become unclear and disputes between family members can ensue. Join us and learn how to protect your family’s financial future with these 4 tools:

  1. Wills: Creating a will should be the first item on your Estate Plan “to-do” list.
  2. Beneficiary Designations: keeping an updated account of who should receive retirement savings or insurance policies
  3. Health Care Directives: Estate planning does not just apply to death – it can cover wishes for incapacitation as well.
  4. Power of Attorney: Should you become disabled or incapacitated, having someone to make your financial decisions on your behalf is important.


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