Through Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds and Annuities we help to discover the best suited and most appropriate investments for individuals and families that serve as a pathway to meeting their financial goals. We help develop plans focused on retirement, college and overall life planning.

Employee Benefits

Retirement Plans, New York State Disability, Group Health/Dental/Vision & College Savings Plans, Supplemental Insurance programs. Designing and implementing Cost Effective Employee Benefit Plans. Providing direction communication and in-person enrollment services — helping employees to realize the full value of benefits being provided.


Insurance matters in providing individuals and loved ones protection from various types of loss. From Life, Disability-Income Replacement, to Long-Term Care Insurance, each provide economic well-being in times of great challenges. Health Insurance and Medicare Planning are significant areas in which we help people properly, extensively and cost effectively find solutions in addressing their medical needs.


Medicare doesn’t need to be confusing. Marathon is here to help guide you through your Medicare journey. Did you know there are 4 parts to Medicare? Selecting a plan can be daunting with all the information out there. That’s where we come in.

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